An ancient landscape

Every place on earth is as old as the planet itself, but the land of Ananda Nagar doesn’t only have an old geological aspect, with its original mountains turned into gentle hills by the countless climatic changes it has witnessed, but it is truly ancient especially from the human civilization point of view.

Tribal Life

Tribal life is often seen as an example of intellectual backwardness and misery, and yet tribal people aren’t necessarily unhappy. In fact for many aspects they live a life in tune with nature, supported by a social togetherness long forgotten by ‘develop’ societies.


A way out of poverty.

Education is the easiest way to increase one’s living standards because only by learning how human challenges have been successfully addressed before, can human beings reduce the amount of physical and psychic hardship and find more time to dedicate to higher mental and spiritual pursuits.

Water for Life

For any agricultural society, access to sufficient water is synonymous with life. There is a world of difference between one crop a year and two or three, and that is why Bábá wanted dams to be built on Ánanda Nagar’s rivers as a sustainable technical solution to increase irrigation water.

Spiritual Gatherings

For spiritualists, there is nothing like “satsaunga”, or the warm and inspiring company of other spiritualists. At Ánanda Nagar such gatherings have become a joyful tradition that promotes a manifold increase of spiritual vibration, creating even for a few days each year, a sense of what the upcoming spiritual age will feel like.