Water Project

Check Dam Reservoir

P1010043Water was an essential factor in the evolution of the planet, and now it is most essential of the survival of human beings, animals, plants and planer as a whole. If it does not rain anywhere on earth for one year, all life on the planet will be destroyed. This is because all creatures from the smallest organisms to the largest animals need water. If there is no water, first the small creatures will die, then ecological balance of the planet will be lost. Next, human beings will also die, and soon the earth will become a barren wasteland.

Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti– BÁBÁ

Introduction to the Water Project

Ánanda Nagar residents and especially the many tribal villages in the area suffer severe droughts during the summer. At times the wells dry up and people are forced to dig the riverbed for water for their essential needs such as household use and irrigation as well as the survival of their indispensable domestic animals (cows, buffaloes, goats, etc.).

Ánanda Márga has been helping to develop this area for more than 50 years, by building schools, hospitals, and small factories as well as by improving the cultivated lands and water resources with the purpose to elevate the standard of living of the residents of Ánanda Nagar in all physical, mental and spiritual spheres.

After the assessment of the environment and the detailed planning by professional engineers, the water project was started. Through the project, water will be supplied to Ánanda Nagar and its villages, solving the drought issues during the long summer months as well.

Plan & Benefits

0-1By the initiative of the late Dada Nigamánanda jii all Sectorial Secretaries took responsibility to construct a large well in the year 2010. The well near Central Office to solve the drinking water problem in central Ánanda Nagar was completed by October 2011. In order to solve the water crisis for the summer the Ánanda Nagar Water Project was started.

During the first phase a new check dam is to be constructed at the same place as the previous one, with a stronger design. It will help to collect water in the reservoirs, supplying to villages and to be used for crops. The check dam will also serve as a road to cross the river. No village or agriculturally productive areas will be invaded, so the project has no negative environmental.

In the second phase supply systems will be built throughout Central Ánanda Nagar to supply drinking and irrigation water.

Finally, in the third phase, the clean water will be piped to 5-7 villages in the area. This phase includes the construction of a big overhead water tank (capacity 450,000 liter), intake well, water treatment plant (purifier system), a house for the motor and pipes to the villages. The budget for this third phase is still under consideration.

First Phase: Check Dam Construction

SS Hong Kong, Ac Shubhaniryasánanda Avt, by Bábá’s inspiration and with the help from workers and margiis in the sector committed to materialize this project. By the end of 2011 some donations were received to start this project.

From 26 January 2012, with the help from Central MU in-charge Ac Acintánanda Avt and RM Dada Ac Anirvánanda Avt, the reconstruction of the check dam has been going on. By the end of March 2013 the leveling, both side abutments, foundations and construction of four pillars (6 m high) have been completed. By Bábá’s grace this project may be finished by May of 2013.

Total Budget for Check Dam – Water Project

NT$ 5,5 million (184,000 US$) to complete the Check Dam project includes all expenses of materials, labour, engineer wages, administration costs, etc.

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