Dairy Farm

Dairy farming in India has been prevalent from the times immemorial.


Most of the dairy farmers began to shirk away from the business and those who continued faced difficulties in surviving and reared cows only to satisfy home requirement of milk and submitting extra milk produce to Milk Collection Centers.

“White Revolution” in India changed the landscape of Dairy Farming and Milk Production in India in 1970s.

White Revolution for Dairy Farming in India  

White Revolution, also known as Operation Flood, was the brain child of Dr. Verghese Kurien – a social entrepreneur, who came up with this “billion liter idea” in the year 1970.

The major aim of the revolution was to make the country self sufficient in the production of milk and to enhance the productivity of milk and other milk products by proper and efficient management of cattle and other milk producing animals.

At present India has the highest production of milk in the world and home to around 12 million farmers in more than 22 states across the country own around 250 dairy plants handling around 20 million litres of milk a day.

An overview of Dairy Farm of Ánanda Nagar.


An overview of Agriculture Near Ánanda Nagar.

Road Construction

An overview of Road Construction of Ánanda Nagar.

Water project

Jiivesha Setu – Check Dam Project, Water Reservoir.

Ánanda Nagar’s landscape

A peaceful, pure and blissful land!


An overview of some of the buildings and infrastructure within Ánanda Nagar.

Spiritual Gatherings

Several times a year devotees and workers from all over India and the world gather at Ánanda Nagar for DMS, Kiirtan and other programs.

Gurukul Activities

“Education is that which liberates.”

Villages and People of Ánanda Nagar

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