The Dreamland

DSCN2611Materialistic thinking people often consider the existence of an ideal society as mere wishful thinking, as a reality that can never be because history shows how such dream of peaceful and progressive coexistence have never survived the ravages of human selfishness.

Humanity though has an infinitely high spiritual potential that does requires a harmonious environment to express itself beyond the odd cases of individual enlightenment, and the dream of Ánanda Nagar is the answer.

By sowing a seed of practical idealism into the apparently infertile soil of a society plagued by utter poverty and backwardness, Ánanda Nagar wants to demonstrate that with proper care, any downtrodden society can revive itself and become the cradle for the all-round progress of its people.

Ánanda Nagar wants to prove that the extreme urbanization of this planet has long reached its useful end and that the future lies in smaller and more integrated communities, where people can find fulfillment through a neo-humanistic education and way of life based on the sacred right of peaceful existence and self-fulfillment of all living beings.

Large cities are the perfect breading ground for the type of selfish competition that inevitably increases social degeneration. Human togetherness and purpose is best expressed through smaller integrated communities, and Ánanda Nagar is an example of how cultural, scientific and spiritual advancement can and must coexist.

Only by producing, processing and consuming locally as much as possible of the energy, food and all the other necessities of life can people be made to realize the relevance of every individual contribution towards the happy and meaningful existence of every individual.

Ánanda Nagar wants to be a beacon of what human society can and must become, an extended human family in which all individuals find enough encouragement and opportunities to discover their unique excellence and fulfill their worldly and spiritual aspirations.