Future Vision

A Progressive Outlook for Ánanda Nagar.

DSC06658Ánanda Nagar is the global Master Unit of Ánanda Márga, and its role is to be a model of all-round development for society.

People have increasingly being directed to focus their attention and energies towards their economic development, and even culture has gradually been shaped to serve such purpose. Yet, Ánanda Márga believes that spiritual development is the central focus of human life, and that worldly achievements are nothing but an important accessory to pursue that central goal.

Ánanda Nagar will continue playing its guiding role for the people of India and beyond, showing the way to an integrated way of life in which spirituality is given respect and scope to express itself without neglecting the material needs of every human being.

Humanity is an extended family and since in a family issue are dealt with benevolence above all, there is no scope for being considered superior or inferior family members because all enjoy equal rights to fulfill their aspirations.

Ánanda Nagar wants to provide a framework of good spiritual, social and economic practices through which all people can grow in a balanced way, maintaining contact with their inner self without forgetting the world they live in.

The future of Ánanda Nagar then sees the expansion and consolidation of all its many cultural, educational, social, health care, economic and spiritual activities and institutions till they are recognized by society as an integrated solution to its many intractable problems.

Suffering is not a must for humanity, in fact happiness and welfare of all are its destiny and Ánanda Nagar is a beacon for that enlightened future we all hope to see one day on this planet.