Ánanda Márga Village Primary School.

This School building has been donated for use since a few years already. It is not our own building. There is only one hall, two teacher, blackboard in two side and two teachers. It needs only a sign board and some repairing work. There are about 60 students.

Post-Primary Chitmu

Ánanda Márga Village Post-Primary School

This school is up to class 5. There is three rooms but without doors and windows. There are two teachers, 45 students and 5 classes, needs repairing of rooms and boundary wall.


Ánanda Márga Village Primary School

This school is running in pure tribal village being a very interior and neglected area of Ánanda Nagar. It has two rooms, two teachers and four classes. This school building is donated by the villagers but it is very old. Needs repairing, plastering, flooring & painting.

Nutun Rola

Ánanda Márga Village Primary School

This school has only one room that was donated. Regularly has 58 students and two teachers. Need minimum two classes more. There is also need of boundary wall and one class room. In that area there is no any Govt. school.

Kaoshiiki (Purnadih)

Ánanda Márga Village Primary School

This school has two teacher and two rooms for classes for 45 students. School has own building but not flooring and plastering. It needs flooring, plastering, boundary wall, door, windows and painting. Students are coming from two nearby villages.